Public Beta

PushPoll is an incredibly easy way to quickly ask a bunch of your friends a question and get an answer, summarized, and delivered right to you. We're currently in Beta testing, which means that if you sign up now, you can start sending polls for free! We've also got an Android app that notifies you instantly when you have a pending response.

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1. Create a Poll

Think of a question you want to ask a bunch of people at once. It can be an RSVP, multiple-choice, or free-form question. Keep it brief, you're about to bug a bunch of your friends!

2. Push it Out

Select people from your contacts, (including importing your Google contacts) and your question is pushed to your friends. If they have the mobile app they'll get an immediate notification, otherwise they'll get an email with one-click answers. No need for them to sign up!

3. View and Share

Watch as results come in (on your phone or web browser). If you've chosen to share results with poll respondents, they can see it, too.